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"Thank you so much for all the support you gave me throughout my courses! Your personal attention and encouragement are greatly appreciated! Within one week of completing my diploma, I was gainfully employed. My greatest thanks to you all!"

Marietta T.

Continuing Education

Are you just a skill or two away from getting the great career you’ve always wanted? Do you need to upgrade your skill set for a promotion? Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus has over 100 exciting and affordable courses that you can choose from to finally get the knowledge you need to get ahead. From basic keyboarding skills to digital design to medical terminology, we can provide you with the crucial classes that will perfectly round out your resumé!
We have courses starting every day, so you can get started as soon as you’re ready. You can set up a schedule that works with your current obligations so you can upgrade in one, two or more classes! If you need to upgrade your skills but aren’t quite sure what classes would be most beneficial, contact us and talk with one of our career consultants. They’ll gladly discuss your career goals with you and help you choose the courses that will get you where you want to go.
Get your future on track with Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus!
Course Listing
AccPac Advantage Series 5.0 Inventory Control and Order Entry
AccPac Advantage 5.0 General Ledger
AccPac Advantage 5.0 Accounts Receivable
AccPac Advantage 5.0 Accounts Payable
Microsoft Access 2003 Level 1
Microsoft Access 2003 Level 2
Business Administration Integrative Project
Basic Bookkeeping Level 1
Basic Bookkeeping Level 2
Business in the Electronic Age
Business Economics
Business Essentials
Business Financial Management
Business Law & Ethics
Business Math
Business Planning
Business Correspondence Level 1
Business Correspondence Level 2
Business Supervisory Skills
Business Writing Essentials
Hardware and Operating System Technologies Practical Simulations
Call Centre Career Options and Opportunities
Call Centre Team Dynamics & Personal Development
Call Centre Equipment & Technology
Call Centre Industry Overview
Call Centre Telephone Sales
Telephone Communications Skills
CorelDraw 8.0
Customer Service
DreamWeaver MX Basic Concepts
Employment Success Strategies
Microsoft Excel 2003 Level 1
Microsoft Excel 2003 Level 2
Microsoft Excel 2003 Level 3
Help Desk Analyst
Human Resources Management
Adobe Illustrator 10 Basic Concepts
Introduction to the Internet
Introduction to Personal Computers
Job Search and Resume Writing
Introduction to Keyboarding
Keyboard Skill Building Level 1
Keyboard Skill Building Level 2
Keyboard Skill Building Level 3
Medical Office Procedures
Intro To Medical Terminology
Management Fundamentals
Marketing Administration
Marketing & Sales
MS-DOS 6.22 / 7.00
Office Procedures Level 1
Office Procedures Level 2
Microsoft Outlook 2003 Level 1
Microsoft Outlook 2003 Level 2
Microsoft Publisher 2003
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Project Management Fundamentals
Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Level 1
Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Level 2
Microsoft Project 2003 Level 1
Microsoft Project 2003 Level 2
Punctuation and Writing Skills
Quickbooks 2005 Pro
Simply Accounting 2006 Pro
Thought Patterns for a Successful Career
Web Practical Simulations
Windows 2000 Professional Level 1
Windows 2000 Professional Level 2
Windows XP Professional Level 1
Windows XP Professional Level 2
Microsoft Word 2003 Level 1
Microsoft Word 2003 Level 2
Microsoft Word 2003 Level 3
WorkPlace Success / Intrapreneurship