Policies and Procedures


Students are contracted to attendance obligations that depend on their funding sources and schedules. Failure to attend in accordance with contracted hours of instruction per week may result in withdrawal from the program. Attendance records may be subject to scrutiny by sponsoring agencies and are maintained by the college as prescribed. Students may choose their hours of attendance, subject to workstation availability, and at the discretion of Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus.

Certificates / Diplomas

A Certificate or Diploma is issued to students who successfully complete a program or course with the necessary final exam score, and meets their financial obligations to the college. 

Credit for Previous Training

Credit for previous education and training may be awarded to students who are able to successfully pass our challenge exams, which indicates acceptable levels of proficiency in specific skill areas.

Dress Code

Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus does not follow a strict dress code; however, attire should be modest and appropriate in a public setting. Students may be asked to dress as they would for a job interview on specific days. As a courtesy to others who may have extreme allergies, students are asked to practise common sense etiquette and hygiene and not to use strong scented products prior to coming to class.

Passing Marks

Individual exams must be taken for one course before proceeding to the next, and require a minimum percentage pass mark prescribed by Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus. To graduate, students must pass all courses in their program of study with an overall average of 75%. Students achieving an average of 90% and higher will receive Honours status.


Courses are presented with all the necessary materials included. All fees are payable to Academy of Learning College in the form of cheque, Visa, MasterCard, or cash. Fees are charged on a contract basis in accordance with established prices. Academic credit is not given until all financial obligations have been met.


Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus will limit the collection, use and disclosure of students' personal information to the extent required to conduct business and to provide ongoing services to them. This information is confidential and is only issued to a third party with students' written authorization or where students are funded by a Government or Sponsoring Agency.

Refresher Privileges

Graduates are welcome to come in after completion of their courses to refresh and review their course material, as long as they have already passed the course and Academy of Learning College still teaches the same version of the course.

Satisfactory Progress

Students are all issued an outline that includes target dates for starting and ending of their program or course. These dates must be adhered to as closely as possible in order for students to complete their program or courses by the prescribed end dates. Should students fall behind, they are expected to put in extra time to maintain satisfactory progress. Students receiving funding will have no leeway in this. If satisfactory progress and course load is not being maintained, it could result in withdrawal. In order to receive a credential, students must achieve an overall average of 75% or better. Regular feedback from the college’s staff ensures students can monitor their progress, and if applicable, may implement initiatives to ensure academic success.

Sexual Violence Policy - To know more about the Sexual Violence Policy please click here 


Students with Special Needs

Our philosophy is that everyone should have the right and opportunity to improve their life through better employment. Academy of Learning's innovative method of individualized instruction coupled with its flexible scheduling allows students with special needs to access all the benefits of our unique learning method. We can accommodate physically challenged students. Written transcripts of courses may be available when audio material is insufficient for student needs.

Tax Receipts

Tuition fees qualify for a Canadian income tax credit. Students may also be entitled to an educational credit based on their attendance. Students are requested to talk to college staff or to their tax consultant if they require any additional information. In order to claim this tax credit, an official receipt is issued by the college at the appropriate time.

Privacy Policy

In this policy, “we”, “our” and “us” mean, as applicable, namely Academy of Learning College (Bay/ Bloor) (Academy of Learning Career & Business College (Bay/Bloor), Private Career College under the Private Career College Act 2005 and is operated by 1069195 Ontario Inc and Private Career Colleges under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 operated by its sister concern, Robetech Institute Inc ), and “you” and “your” means an individual who has made an application to us, or has provided a guarantee, for any financing or purchase of service offered by us.

Use of the data that you provide us, or which is collected by use on this website, is governed by our Privacy Policy.

AOL Toronto website (www.aoltoronto.com) provides information about the school, its programs, and its services. Academy of Learning Bay/Bloor respects the privacy of its online visitors and does not sell or rent any information obtained from its website to any other organization or third party.

When you visit our Website, the server automatically collects a limited amount of information essential for operation, security and validation purposes. This information may include your IP address, the name of your Internet Service Provider, and information concerning your browser, operating system, and device used. This information is used to perform statistical analysis of user trends and interests and to help us make this site more useful to visitors. We make limited use of cookies on its Web server, but not in any manner which could impinge on your privacy.

“Cookies” are small text files placed on your personal computer’s hard drive by a Web site that allows it to track your browser’s use of the site.

When you use www.aoltoronto.com website for program or services purposes, such as requesting services, completing a contact us form, or making payment, the personal information you provide for that program or service will be in compliance with (PIPEDA) The Personal Information Protection Electronic Documents Act and will be used only for the purpose it was collected. The information will be disclosed only in accordance with the provisions of this act.

If it is necessary for you to register, you will have to give us access to personal information, such as your credit card information, name, specialty, address, phone number, e-mail address, and other contact information. 

We will not share personal information gathered on this website with any other parties (other than Academy of Learning Career & Business College (Bay/Bloor), Private Career College under the Private Career College Act 2005 and is operated by 1069195 Ontario Inc and Private Career Colleges under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 operated by its sister concern, Robetech Institute Inc ) and parties we may reasonably determine is required by law or by governmental authority. It is our intention to protect against improper use of your personal information. Accordingly, we have provided safeguards for the protection and storage of the personal information you have provided. Access to your information is limited exclusively to people required to process that information.

This privacy statement is intended to reflect the sites maintained by Academy of Learning (Bay/ Bloor) and it is subject to change.

Our website may have links to external Web pages. Please be aware that the school is not responsible for site content outside our Web site, or the privacy policies of outside. We encourage you to read the individual privacy statements on each website you visit. If you have any questions about or issues with our privacy policy, please contact us by e-mail at info@aoltoronto.com or call us at +1.416.969.8845

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