Business & Office Accounting Clerk


The Business & Office Accounting Clerk diploma program at Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus is designed to prepare you for a diverse and rewarding career as part of an accounting team. In just 29 weeks, our program will give you everything you need to succeed in a field where the need for qualified personnel continues to grow.  

Our program provides students with opportunities to acquire and apply the knowledge of business accounting and office skills to meet the demands of today’s business world. You will graduate with all the training and experience needed to find lasting employment in an accounting position. Students will also perfect their skills and increase their proficiency in accounting-related software programs.  

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Depending on the place of employment, Business & Office Accounting clerks can undertake a number of tasks. Some of the duties these duties may include:

  • Preparing and issuing bills, invoices and other financial statements
  • Processing, verifying and balancing financial records and business transactions
  • Entering data in a ledger or computerized system
  • Compiling budget data and documents and reconciling accounts
  • Calculating costs of materials, overhead and other expenses 
  • Preparing cheques for payrolls and bills associated with the cost of running the office
  • Completing and submitting tax remittance forms
  • Providing financial and accounting reports.    

If you love numbers and figures, and if you enjoy the thought of being part of a busy office team, a Business & Office Accounting Clerk diploma from Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus may be the perfect fit for you!  Contact us today for more information. With classes starting weekly, you can get going and be job-ready sooner than you imagined!  


A Business & Office Accounting Clerk diploma from Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus lets employers know that you have the skills required to do your job with confidence and professionalism. Some of the personal attributes that potential employers look for in a Business & Office Accounting Clerk include:

  • Strong math skills and enjoy working with numbers
  • Familiarity with relevant accounting and office software programs
  • Good organizational skills
  • Dependable and able to meet deadlines
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability and desire to work in a team  

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A Business & Office Accounting Clerk diploma from Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus opens up a lot of career opportunities, including:

  • Accounting clerk
  • Accounts payable/Accounts receivable clerk
  • Audit and billing clerk
  • Budget and costing clerk
  • Deposit, finance or invoice clerk
  • Tax services clerk
  • Bookkeeper
  • And many more!

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In only 29 weeks, you could be on your way to a whole new career as a Business & Office Accounting Clerk. We’ll help you find a financial assistance solution that works for you to get you started as soon as possible.  

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“How are you? Guess what! I got hired by Esprit and I’m doing payroll for stores in Quebec, BC, NS, Ont., and Alberta! It’s a learning experience and a lot to take in, but I know I’ll succeed. I’m their Payroll coordinator, and they’ve made me feel very welcome in the company. I’m doing a six-month contract and after the probation, they’ll review my performance and then hopefully take me on indefinitely..."

Jacqueline F. - Canadian Payroll Certification