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Student Testimonials

"I had a wonderful time studying here. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to upgrade my skills and to gain more knowledge. I hope you all have a great summer and keep in touch."

Linh D.

PC Support Specialist

Industry Overview

Skilled PC Support Specialists are in high demand in today’s highly skilled environment. Virtually all organizations with multiple computers require the skills of PC Support Specialists who can become invaluable members of a management team.
The PC Specialist program at Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus prepares students to deal with the problems they may encounter while supporting Personal Computers in an office environment. It provides in-depth knowledge of both computer hardware and software and prepares students for the CompTIA A+ Certification with IT Technician Designation exams. Students will have practical hands-on experience in troubleshooting computer problems and assembling a computer.
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Duties & Responsibilities

The duties of a PC Support Specialists vary from position to position, but in general, their responsibilities include:
  • Providing technical support to end users within small to medium sized offices 
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software problems 
  • Replacing and installing new computer hardware 
  • Keeping up-to-date on new trends in personal computing 
  • Supporting all aspects of computer software applications and operating systems 
  • Assisting users who are having problems peripherals such as printers or scanners 
  • Assisting customers or providing support in-house to staff
  • Providing assistance to customers in a variety of methods: via phone, online chat, email or in response to website forms.
  • Maintaining records of daily data communication transactions, problems and remedial action taken, and installation activities.
  • Conducting computer diagnostics to investigate and resolve problems and to provide technical assistance and support.
  • And much more!
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Skills & Attributes

A PC Support Specialist diploma from Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus lets employers know that you have the skills and experience they’re looking for. Some of the personal attributes employers also look for include:
  • Technical aptitude 
  • Commitment to superior customer service
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills 
  • Self-motivated 
  • Good customer skills 
  • Able to work independently Superior problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • And more!
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Career Opportunities

Steady job growth has been projected for PC support specialists, and a diploma from Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus opens up a wide variety of opportunities to graduates. Hiring occurs across all businesses and industries, which increases your chances of finding the demanding and rewarding career in PC support that you’ve been waiting for!
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Job Readiness in 45 Weeks!

In just 45 weeks, you could jump into a whole new career and a whole new life. Our diploma gives you the skills and training that will get you the career you’ve always wanted. Why wait a moment longer? Contact Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus today!