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Student Testimonials

"The courses I took were thought-provoking, challenging and I loved it all. I really learned a lot. My teacher is professional, cares about her students and her teaching techniques are challenging and inspiring."

Elizabeth J.
Program: Community Service & Support Worker

Referral Reward Program

Over 30% of our students first learn about our college through a referral. That’s why Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus encourages and rewards students financially who spread the word about our school and refer friends and family to our campus. Read on to see how you can earn money by simply telling people about our courses, services and campus!

How does the Student Referral Program work?

It all starts with the people you know. If you know somebody who needs to upgrade their skills, who needs a change in career or who is:
  • On E.I., WSIB, ODSP or Social Assistance
  • In need of Financial Assistance
  • Unemployed or underemployed
  • A Single Parent
  • A New Immigrant or
  • A Protected Person
Tell them about Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus – the convenience of studying at our campus, the quality of our courses and the many financial assistance services we offer to help get people started, regardless of their current situation.
Fill out the form with your referral’s contact information and send it to us by mail, fax or email. You can also call one of our representatives who can collect the information from you. That’s it. We’ll take it from there!

When and how do I get the reward?

Our College's admissions representative will contact each referred client for an interview. We’ll provide them with a free career consultation, help them select the right career program, assist in filing any financial assistance applications (if applicable), and finalize the enrolment process.
When your referral completes two months of any diploma program, we’ll contact you to arrange delivery of your reward. Valid photo ID must be presented to receive the award.
Please note that all income taxes earned in the Student Referral Program will be your responsibility. In the event of ANY dispute, Academy of Learning College's decision shall be final. Academy of Learning reserves the right to modify or discontinue this referral program at any time.

How much do I get when my referral is enrolled?

 The Student Referral Program pays out as follows:
  • $300 for each of the 1st to 5th successful referrals
  • $400 for each 6th to 10th successful referrals
  • $500 for each 11th to 19th successful referrals
  • $800 for each 20th to 29th referral
  • $1000 for each 30th referral and above

Refer Your Friends For A School Tour and Get Rewarded

Get More Rewards Than Ever Before!Refer your Friends for a School Tour Program. You can now win up to a $75.00 Gift Card based on the school tours booked by your referrals. Refer to table below for details.

Number of School Tours Gift Card Value
Additional Rewards include, $300 for each referral enrollment and a chance to win an iPad Mini.

To Participate:
  1. You must be a student or alumni of Academy of College Bay/Bloor
  2. Pick up your referral card from the front desk
  3. Refer your friends and family for school tours
    1. Collect your rewards
  • This program is combined with the existing Referral Programs
  • Referrals must attend a campus tour and receive program information to be eligible
  • Admissions Counselor must initial card after each qualified visit
  • McDonald’s, Shoppers Drug Mart and Subway gift cards are available
  • Current students and alumni are eligible for the program
  • Refer your Friends for a School Tour Program ends December 31st, 2014.
  • This program may be extended, but is not guaranteed
While you can submit as many referrals as you like, please help us remain sensitive to the privacy wishes of those you refer and ONLY refer contacts you think would be interested in education and skills upgrading. 
Contact us for more information. Our admissions officers will gladly answer your questions about our program.