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Student Testimonials

"Yesterday was my last day at Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus and I would like to thank everyone for your day-to-day help, encouragement and support. Last year I chose this school because I was new to Canada and I realized that if I wanted a future in this country, I had to study and learn and obtain a degree. I’m so happy now that I have a Business Administrative Diploma. "

Georgeta A. M.
Program: Business Administration

Student Testimonials

The staff and instructors at Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus are always happy to hear from our graduates. If you attended courses at our campus, why not let us know how you enjoyed your time with us? Thank You

Name: Van L.T.
"It was a great experience coming to the College.  I very much enjoyed the learning process and at the same time had the opportunity to explore downtown Toronto."

Name: Leila
Every single day I open the door of this building with one and the same feeling "I am lucky to have this chance to come to this college”....  I know for sure that all people who come to (this) college also think that it is their good fortune to get an education here.
Thank You

Name: Angie
Program: Immigration Consultant 
I am writing with appreciation about what have done to help me and encourage me. There is no way I can successfully graduate from the college without your generous encouragement.  
Please accept my sincere gratitude. You completely transformed my life. I am aiming to apply to law school in the next two years and become a lawyer afterward.
Hope life treats you well every single day. 
Warmest regards

Name: Merce V.
Program: Immigration Consultant 
Thank you so much for patiently teaching us.I passed the Feb. 7, 2016 ICCRC full skills exam.  And I'm grateful to have had a teacher like you.

Name: Shavane S.

Program: Business Administration

Hi Guys!

Just want to say “thank you so much” for all your support. I got a great job and started working at Investment Planning Counsel as a Transition Specialist. Your support meant so much to me.

To Liz, your coaching helped me land this awesome opportunity.  To Louisa, the way you believed in me kept me strong and confident.  To everybody at AOL Bay Bloor, please pass this email on as I don't have everybody’s email address, a heartfelt “thank you” for all your help and patience during my stay at AOL.

Oh, and I can now tell you that I am the person who circulated those Christmas cards a year ago smileysmileysmileysmiley .  It was only to encourage all of you and I prayed that you took those encouraging words with you wherever life would take you.

I know the cleaning lady Maria may not see this but she knows me,  and she knew how much I loved her.  Please give her my regards too.

Once again thank you all! 


Name: Noel G.
Program: Personal Support Worker

I have had a great experience at AOL. Being a new immigrant here in Canada, I had some fears and apprehensions - I wasn't sure if I could really get that career I wanted in this country. I started my journey here at AOL, and with the vast resources available I was able to understand and gain the "Canadian Experience" that employers were always looking for. 

I am hired, even though I haven't received my diploma yet. My application was considered as the employers knew about Academy of Learning College.

Thank you so much AOL! 

Name: Kendall P.
Program: Medical Office Assistant 

Everyone here was so excellent at trying to help in every way possible, I was also impressed by how flexible everything was. Thank you!

Name: Pacita.V
Program: Medical Office Assistant 

The MOA program is amazing! The teaching staff and other personnel are helpful, caring, compassionate and friendly

Name: Saira S.
Program: Accounting and Payroll

It was a pleasure studying in Academy of Learning College, Bay Bloor Campus, thank you!

Name: Anthony R.
Program: Business Administration 

My experience at AOL was excellent. All staff members were very supportive and they had a great attitude. Thank you for this great experience! 

Name: Okeshia C.
Program: Personal Support Worker

I had a great experience at AOLC. I was very nervous about going back to school but Academy Of Learning College has made me a strong, independent woman. I learned things about myself that I didn’t know; I learned that I can accomplish anything through hard work and determination.  I want to thank you all for opening up my eyes.

Name: Victoria F.
Program: Business Administration

Great staff! Everyone was nice and helpful. You stayed on top of me when I was falling behind, you were very supportive until the very last day.  AOLC (Academy of Learning College) is a great place for learning; you will get lots of help whenever needed.

Name: Bina W.
Program: Business Administration

I had fun at the Academy of Learning College; good teachers, good staff …everything was excellent.  The receptionist was awesome!  Everything I learned was hands-on which equipped me with the knowledge and practice so I could go out there and do great work. The flexible hours were what I liked the most, Niyati was extremely nice to me and helped me through a difficult period; and how can I forget Desiree? She was the best. She picked me up when I was down and lifted me up to get my course done with great confidence.  I loved the experience and I would join again someday.

Name: Concepcion G.
Program: Business Administration

I had a good experience during the time I spent in the school. I had a great experience with everybody who works there. The school was supportive, I am sure this will attract more people to join the school and learn. I am really happy!

Name: Cristina D.
Program: Medical Office Assistant

I had a great experience at AOLC. They fully equipped me with the knowledge I needed for the real world and the workplace. It was a very friendly and respectful environment.

Name: Renato S.
Program: Business Administration

The entire educational experience at Academy of Learning College was very enriching for me. I learned a lot from the specialty business courses I completed. The materials were comprehensive and provided students with up-to-date information and study material. Both the theory and the practical components can be applied directly to the work environment. I will definitely endorse the Business Administration program to people who would like to pursue a career in business and finance.

Name: Eva S.
Program: Medical Office Assistant

My in-class experience was great. I absolutely loved my teacher and learned a lot through her way of teaching. She made me feel comfortable and was always there when I needed her. The staff was great and very helpful with all of my questions, especially at the end when I had some difficulty completing the program. Overall, I was satisfied with my education.

Name: Carmen M.
Program: Medical Office Assistant

My experience at the Academy of Learning College was wonderful! From the start to the finish, I received all the information I needed. The teachers and staff were very understanding and supportive.

Name: Marzieh R.
Program: Police Foundations

I liked this college and my program. My teacher was professional and friendly with all students. Everything about student services and staff was perfect too.

Name: Guillermo G.
Program: Web Designer

I had a great time at the Academy. The instructors were wonderful people and they were there whenever I needed them.

Name: Suzan V.
Program: Community Service and Support Worker

My experience here (at the school) was a great one. My teachers were excellent. I learned a lot from them, because of their coaching, I am equipped to go into this field to serve the community. The teaching material was excellent and my field placement teacher was very supportive. I appreciated everything they taught me. Thank you!

Name: Jocelyn A.
Program: Community Service and Support Worker

I had a very pleasant time here at the Academy of Learning College, Bay and Bloor campus. The teachers were very helpful and sincere in making sure that students got the full benefit of their courses, ultimately, they aim to help everyone find employment in their chosen careers. The other staff were also wonderful, especially the ladies at the front desk. My admissions counselor was very supportive too. Thank you!

Name: Natallia A.
Program: Community Service and Support Worker

Thanks for a good time and a useful learning experience. It was a nice year when I spent in this Academy. They had very nice and polite working staff there.

Name: Afshin T.
Program: Home Inspection

Before I came to the Academy I was so upset (with what I was going through in my personal life), but with the help of the friendly staff, I found myself again. Now I am about to get my Diploma and start a new life. Thank you!

Name: Adys A.
Program: Network Administrator

I had a great time studying at the Academy of Learning College. I learned the skills needed to start working as a Network Administrator. I wanted to say thank you to all the staff members who helped me achieve my goals. Thank you Academy of Learning College!

Name: Samaneh R. M.
Program: Business Administration

I had a very good experience. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I am very happy to have graduated from the Academy of Learning College.

Name: Dan Ping Z.
Program: Medical Office Assistant

My program was MOA. Through the training, I gained the knowledge about the healthcare industry and I succeeded in both the theory and the clinical placement. Thanks!

Name: Frances F.
Program: Personal Support Worker

I had a good experience at the school. I learned and met great people.

Name: Johanny A.
Program: Medical Office Assistant

I liked my experience so much. I love my lovely teacher Liliana. She was such a sweetheart to all of my classmates. I’m glad I finished my courses; it will be an experience that I will never forget. Now I can move forward to my next step. I will miss you, Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus

Name: Rodrigo A.
Program: Business Administration

Studying at Academy of Learning College has been a great experience for me: everyone was very helpful and professional. I made a lot of new friends. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that works here, especially, Lidia, Desiree, Jacqueline, Winny, and Reza.

Name: Juliana A.
Program: Police Foundation Diploma

My experience at the Academy of Learning College (Bay/Bloor campus) was wonderful. I was able to complete my program, Police Foundations, with an 82.5 average… I know I did excellent work and I want to say the people who helped me were wonderful and I could not have done it without them. Overall, I’m very happy with this school. 

Name: Aibek M.
Program: Network Administrator

Thank you for the Diploma! I had a really excellent experience. I’ve learned so much and the teachers were great in this College.

Name: Natalia O.
Program: Community Service & Support Worker

I would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to volunteer at the Job Fair event which took place at the College last week. The event was very well organized and it gave me the opportunity to talk with potential employers and to students who were looking for jobs.  As a CSSW student, the event helped build my confidence by interacting with employers, I am certain it will help my future career.

Name: Alia M.
Program: Web Designer 

My experience at Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus was fantastic. The friendly environment, the great instructors and the helpful student service staff all helped me towards obtaining my diploma.  I will definitely tell other people about Academy of Learning College. Thank you all very much!

Name: Elaheh T. H.
Program: Business Administration

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the staff’s effort during my study here. Honestly, when I started at the college, I was a newcomer; I really had no idea what I wanted to do in this new environment. It took me quite a while to adjust, but I looked forward to my courses every week.  I really appreciated the fact that the college helped and guided me with my new life here. I want to say “thank you” to Desiree, Niyati, Simin, and all the facilitators! But above all, I want to thank my instructor David and his English class. I couldn’t wait to be in his class on Thursdays, every session was with new subjects and surprises. When I was struggling with myself, he gave me confidence; he reminded me that I was not alone in this new (second) home town.

Name: Milvia S. I.
Program: Community Service and Support Worker
It was not always easy, but today, I got my diploma! Thank you for encouraging me to keep studying and for reminding me that I was strong enough to do this! I am going to keep this positive attitude in my future studies too!

Name: Olga B.
Program: Community Service & Support Worker
Only one word: awesome!

Name: Victoriano H.
Program: Business Administration – Honors
I want to tell everybody that I am so happy and so confident about my new skills and about the changes in my personality.  Thanks to the wonderful staff at Academy of Learning College for the great experience! I made so many good friends here. Thank you!

Name: Tatiana F.
Program: Medical Office Assistant

Academy of Learning College is not just a college but also a home – with a warm atmosphere, where you can always be understood and supported, and most importantly, where you can be educated. My affection for this college started from the first day I arrived and stayed with me until today.

Academy of Learning College at Bay & Bloor is a special place -- always friendly, such a great environment in which to learn. To the entire college staff, the directors, teachers and instructors: thanks for all your hard work, for making each student feel special and for getting to know each of us personally.

From: The A.M. Personal Support Worker Class (July 2010)

To our dear teacher; When we were just starting out on this course, we felt a little nervous.

On the course orientation day, we sat quietly, listening to all said, but somewhere in the back of our minds, we were quietly asking ourselves, “Dear God, will we be able to go through it, let alone finish it?”

Well, suffice to say, we did make it halfway through, but of course, we are not there yet! But in our hearts, dear Ms. Liliana, we know that with your unparalleled help and support, boundless energy and sparkling wit, we’ll be out and about in a special way -- making sure we’ve applied all that we learned from the book and a bundle of tips from you!

But for now, let us show our gratitude and offer our unanimous and heartfelt “thank you” for all the time we spent with you. Learning with and from you were fun and full of laughter. We’ll be seeing you every now and then but we know it won’t be as often as we’d like. We hope to come back here someday to tell you our big news: that we are all successful and have made it to that finish line!

God Bless you, Liliana and thank you!


Name: Mahmood K.
Program: Community Service & Support Worker

My promotion from Counselor to an Executive Director position within my placement

I chose to study to become a Community Social Service Worker at Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus to start a career in a humanitarian organization, where I could use my talent, skills and experience along with education that I received from Academy of Learning to help people in need.

I started my placement as a Community Social Service student worker at Canadian Human Rights International Organization (CHRIO), on December 19, 2011.  The existing organization is a non-profit organization.

However, from the very beginning days of working at CHRIO I start to think and ask myself questions, for example: how may I will be able to help the clients and this organization?  What skills, education and experience do I have in hand?

I researched and found that the keys to success are as follows:

1.     Setting up a goal (to develop positive planning)

2.     Understand the challenge and knowledge

3.     Use of education, experience and talent

4.     Positive attitude 

5.     Action

I worked very hard and was committed to bring positive change to the CHRIO. I respected my job and accepted any challenges that I faced because I see the challenges as opportunities. When I faced difficulties, I would ask questions, do research and discuss the matter with my colleagues or supervisor. I was doing my job and also giving feedback, making suggestions and giving ideas to improve the services and better help the clients. I did more than what was expected from me, but always with the approval of the board of directors and my supervisor.

About three weeks ago, on March 5, 2012, Mr. Mario Guilombo, the Chair Vice-President, called me and said that the boards of directors was very happy with my performance and offered me a position at the Canadian Human Rights International Organization, as an Executive Director. He added that the board took this decision based on my knowledge, commitment, skills and passion.

I was very excited. I know it is a huge responsibility, but I am confident that I am able to take this responsibility and carry it out to the best of my ability.

I would like to thank the staff at Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus for helping me, supporting me and giving me a chance to prove myself and live up to my abilities. I would like to thank specially Ms. Niyati, the education counselor, for her advice and for directing me to the right educational field. Rhonda, who was one of my instructors, shared her experiences and worked very hard to educate us. I learned so much from her. Paul, my placement coordinator, worked very hard to help all of his students to gaining important skills, like resume writing and interviewing skills. He also taught us to understand our responsibilities and duties and it’s he who guided me to the organization that I’m at now.

You can visit the new web page for the Canadian Human Rights International Organization at If you click on “our team”, and then executive board, you’ll see my name at the top of staff list. 

Name: Corinne R.
Program: Legal Office Assistant









THIS ACTION was heard on the 27th day of August, 2011 without a jury at Toronto, in the presence of the counsel for all parties.

ON READING THE PLEADINGS AND HEARING THE EVIDENCE and the submissions of the counsel for the parties, 

1. THIS COURT DECLARES that MR. PAUL DENMAN has been unanimously selected as the best law professor in Toronto.

2. THIS COURT ORDERS AND ADJUDGES that MR. PAUL DENMAN be granted a life time achievement award of $100,000 per annum, in recognition of his dedication to educating students at Academy of Learning College, Toronto.

Thank you Paul


Sincerely appreciate your dedication and insights in imparting valuable lessons of Canadian law.


Corinne Rodrigues



Name: Amelia N.
Program: Personal Support Worker

To the management, instructors and staff at Academy of Learning College:

A lifetime is too short and our warmest words are too few to thank those whose thoughtfulness brighten our days and touch our hearts. I hope you know how warmly you’re thought of, and how very much you’re appreciated for all you do.

I sincerely appreciate your kindness, thoughtfulness and the support you have given me throughout my study. I found a good career even before writing the final NACC exam.

My thanks to everybody who made my study at Academy of Learning such a success.

Name: Yarisbel M.
Program: Medical Office Assistant

Many thanks! Thinking of your kindness!


Name: Kathleen M.
Program: Administrative Assistant

Your thoughtfulness was very much appreciated. Thank you for all your help!

Name: Marietta T.
Program: Computerized Accounting and Payroll Certification

Thank you so much for all the support you gave me throughout my courses!  Your personal attention and encouragement were greatly appreciated! Within one week of completing my diploma, I was gainfully employed.  My greatest thanks!

Name: Georgeta A. M.
Program: Business Administration

Yesterday was my last day at Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus and I would like to thank everyone for your help, encouragement and support.

Last year I chose this school because I was new to Canada, I realized that if I wanted a future in this country, I had to study, and I had to obtain a degree.  I’m so happy that I have a Business Administrative Diploma now and I am employed.  I had a friend at the LINC class who recommended Academy of Learning College to me. She knew that I’d improve my English; I would learn accounting, computer and office skills and get the diploma I needed.

Many Thanks! I would definitely recommend Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus to my friends. 


Name: Dale H.
Program: Business and Office Accounting Clerk

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all so much for your help & patience.  It has been a pleasure meeting you all and I will miss attending the Academy at Bay & Bloor.  My time spent at the Academy was quite the learning experience and so enjoyable. I hope I will get the chance to see you all again sometime soon.

Name: Zulema P. P.
Program: Medical Office Assistant

Gratitude is one of the nicest feelings a heart can have. It’s a feeling that comes along for a very special reason, and it’s a lovely thought that never goes away once it enters in. It joins together with precious memories and grateful hopes.  Gratitude lives on, not for just a moment or a day, but through all the seasons that lie ahead. My feelings of gratitude are especially sweet ones when it comes to thinking of all the things you do. You deserve to receive smiles, abundance of joys, and generosity back to you. That’s why I hope you’ll always remember my appreciation for everything you’ve done, and my endless gratitude. Thanks so much!

Name: Lauren D.
Program: Business Administration 

To all staff, for all the kind things you’ve done, for all the happiness you’ve brought – thank you! Thank you for your support!

I was at a very low point in my life and you helped me get back on my feet. I’ll never forget you. I’ll miss seeing all of you.

Name: Jacqueline F.
Program: Canadian Payroll Certification

Hey guys,


How are you?  Guess what! I got hired by Esprit and I’m doing payroll for stores in Quebec, BC, NS, Ont., and Alberta! It’s a learning experience and a lot to take in, but I know I’ll succeed. I’m their Payroll Coordinator, and they’ve made me feel very welcome in the company. I’m doing a six-month contract and after the probation, they’ll review my performance and then hopefully take me on indefinitely.

I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone at Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus. You guys really helped me and gave me such great advice and help.  I remember on the day of my interview, you were all very supportive, you spent time with me and helped correct my resume. It just showed what a great team you were and how much you cared about all of us. Keep up the good work and please keep in touch as I will never forget you guys!

Name: Melissa Y.
Program: Medical Office Assistant

I love my job and find it very exciting. I’ve met a lot of new people. For the first three days I was training in the Client Liaison’s office just to see how the systems work. They were 8 hour days and today I am doing a 12 hour shift in the pre-admitting for emergency. It is all so exciting and everyone here is really impressed with all the medical knowledge that I have.  I can only say, it is because of you and the courses I took at Academy of Learning College. You gave me confidence and it made me believe that I can accomplish anything. I think any future students who take this course should know that, even though the work is very challenging and difficult, it really pays off in the end. I will stay in touch with you and continue to give you updates on my new career.

Thanks for everything!

Name: Hema L.
Program: Medical Office Assistant

It was a pleasure getting to know you and attending Academy of Learning Bay/Bloor campus.  Thank you so much for working with me on the funding application, which I truly appreciated. I was really impressed to hear you call each student by name. Thanks to the staff for their encouragement and help. Thank you for taking the time to prepare me for my interviews. Again thanks for your encouragement and help in many ways. I got the job at Toronto General Hospital that I really wanted.

I will miss Academy of Learning College very much. I made a lot of new friends and I will always cherish my time there.

Name: Linh D.
Program: Administrative Assistant

To the staff at Academy of Learning Bay/Bloor campus:  

I had a wonderful time studying here.  Thank you very much for giving me a chance to upgrade my skills and to gain more knowledge.  I wish you all a great summer and keep in touch.

Name: Itgel T.
Program: Payroll Supervisor

Thanks to everyone at Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus for giving me the opportunity to learn so much and give me a chance for a new life. I’m very proud of what I have accomplished at your school and I’m very grateful for your staff and instructors!

Name: Elizabeth J.
Program: Community Service Worker

The courses I am taking are thought-provoking, challenging and I love it. I’m learning a lot. I want to let you know what a fabulous instructor we have. She’s professional, cares about her students and her teaching techniques are challenging and inspiring. I’m grateful to be a student in her class. Thank you, Academy of Learning College!

Name: Iddi M.
Program: Individual Certificate

It’s my pleasure to inform you that I have found the job of my dreams, thanks to Academy of Learning and your exceptional staff and instructors. I am currently working as an Inventory Analyst and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I want to express my gratitude to everyone at your campus for your endless support. You were always there to answer my questions and to reassure me when I doubted myself. Thank you for your continued support, even after I graduated while I was building a career for myself.

Name: Elena I.
Program: Medical Office Assistant
Thank you to everyone at Academy of Learning College Bay/Bloor Campus for your faith in all of your students. You helped us make our dreams come true! I’ll never forget the friendly environment you created for all of us. You made us feel like a family. Thank you so much!

Name: Dawn C.
Program: Office Clerk

Thanks for all the help you give, and for being so kind, too. Thoughtfulness just seems to be a special part of you! Thank you so much for your patience and kindness at a time when I really needed it. I appreciate you all so much!

Name: Janis T.
Program: Business Office Skills

After updating my marketable skills and graduating from Academy of Learning Bay/Bloor Campus, I quickly found a job as an Office Administrator and have been there since! Your Business Office Skills program provided me with the skills, knowledge and insight to succeed. I was so impressed with the school’s warm, friendly environment. It felt like you were with a family that would care and help you to your best. Thanks to everyone at Academy of Learning College!


Name: Tracy J. L.
Program: Payroll Supervisor
Thank you very much for teaching our Bookkeeping classes!  You encouraged all of your students to actively participate in discussions, to study hard, and to share our ideas, which helped us to understand and learn more. During your class, I improved my English speaking skills and mastered the basic principles. You really helped build up my self-confidence. You taught me to believe in myself and that anything is possible! 

Every single day I open the door of this building with one and the same feeling "I am lucky to have this chance to come to this college”....  I know for sure that all people who come to (this) college also think that it is their good fortune to get an education here.

Thank You

Name: Angie